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Of many things that have helped reshape the phone industry, WhatsApp is definitely among the top few. To post your own status, hit the My Status button at the top of the Status screen or the circular green icon in the bottom right corner. Here’s how you can download your friends’ WhatsApp Status and repost to your own. On the Status screen, tap the three dots next to the My Status button, tap and hold the update you want to get rid of and hit the delete icon.

The easy way will be to download a Status Saver app and saving the whatsapp contacts easily. Just tap the three dots on top of WhatsApp homepage, and you’ll see Status Privacy option on top. Packed in Small Size: Whatsapp videos are available in short size with the best quality.

The new and improved WhatsApp Status is still being rolled out, so not everyone will be able to use it right away, but when you can, here’s how. WhatsApp heard you like Snapchat, so it put some Snapchat in your WhatsApp. WhatsApp is rolling out a new Status feature to all users.

So it is but natural that if you like any status which is been shared by your WhatsApp contact, you want to download it. To add a photo or video to your WhatsApp Status, open the app and tap the camera icon. Open the WhatsApp Status and let the photo fully load.

Then just tap on that broken circle with the plus symbol on top, the one that’s similar to how you post Stories on Instagram. It seems to be the trend for most social media apps at the moment, with more than one million stories posted to WhatsApp Status’ around the world every day.